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Not so long ago, clowns were perceived as joyful and harmless characters. They blew up funny animal balloons in the shapes of poodles and giraffes and entertained the masses at circuses and birthday parties. Thanks in part to Hollywood and a certain serial killer, the day of the harmless clown is coming to an end.

Did you know there’s more than one kind of clown? The major clown organizations typically recognizes three different types of clowns for their competitions: White Faced, Auguste, and Hobo. Most people are more familiar with the White Faced clown. They have a traditional white face, red nose, and exaggerated features, often dressing in bright colors. evil clown backgrounds. The Auguste clown, also known as the Red Clown, uses pink or red coloration in place of the white face, while Hobo clowns have a beard and white highlights around the eyes and mouth. evil clown backgrounds. The one thing they all have in common is their embodiment of humor and gags

According to professional clown Jeffrey Harris from Evansville, Indiana, it depends on the type of clown. “Most people are afraid of the White Face and Auguste clowns. We Hobo Clowns look a little more like real people and are accepted by scared people a little more. evil clown backgrounds. ” If you believe clowning is easy, think again. “It takes a lot of work and dedication. It’s more than just throwing on some make-up and wearing colorful clothes.” He graduated from a ten-week clown school sponsored by a local Christian clown group and has spent several decades perfecting his work.

Other clowns simply embrace the darker image. Penny S. Dreadfull from Corpus Christi, Texas, enjoys being a scary clown. She was actually afraid of clowns until she went to a sideshow at one of her favorite punk rock dives and met two clowns, Shivers and Quivers, who eventually became her long-term friends. “I didn’t immediately associate them as being clowns. evil clown backgrounds. I just thought they were an awesome Cosplay couple. We hung out a few times before they ever made mention of themselves as clowns. By then, they just became good friends.” When she told Shivers she was afraid of clowns, Shivers admitted that she too was once afraid of them, but became a clown to overcome the fear

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