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This is a live wallpaper of crimson king dark tower.
Download this crimson king dark tower live wallpaper for your android phone now.

Dark Lords are male villains who are in charge and have a mysterious aura about them. Well, that, and they can also simply be male villains of royalty or some other noble birth, or who have seized power over someone or something.

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A global-scale nuclear war has transformed most of the Earth into a barren ocean-less wasteland, resulting in the downfall of modern civilization and a return to a lawless age of barbarism. The survivors of mankind begin to fight each other over the limited supply of uncontaminated food and water still left in the world. The strong ones begin to band together in gangs and armies, fighting each other over territory, while oppressing the weak.

His titles are variously crimson king dark tower, The Red King, Lord of Discordia, Lord of Spiders, Los the Red, and Ram Aballah or The Aballah or The King. His actual form is a were-spider. His height and weight in his man form is 6’1 and 280 lbs and in his spider form 8’3 575 lbs. The man form is described, when we meet him in DT7, as an old man with crimson eyes and a single tusk inside red lips, long white beard and deep creases in his face. His eyes are described by Roland to be like a “dragon in human form”. He is seen wearing a red and white robe with cabalistic symbols on it. He is also known to wear a golden crown.

His spider self is described as gigantic and black. He also apparantly shifts in and out of view if watched. As described by Patrick Danville, he darkles and tincts.  His home was in a tall castle so dark red that from a distance it looks black. crimson king dark tower. The castle is called Le Casse Roi Russe or Castle of the Red King. His servants include (but are surely not limited to) the Can Toi (or Low Men), vampires, other demons, taheen and humans working through various companies in what is, most likely, all the worlds that are part of the Dark Tower. These companies include Sombra Corp, Trans Corp, LaMerk Foundry and North Central Positronics. Walter O’Dim aka Flagg is his Prime Minister.

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