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Witness dracula gif live wallpaper on your android screen. download this dracula gif live wallpaper for your android phone now. types of vampire or dracula, some will say that there are two main different methods of feeding on life-force energy sanguine and psi and that all other forms of feeding are subcategories or specializations of psi feeding. others will say that each feeding method is a different form of feeding, hence different types of vampire. sanguine vampire are vampire who feed by drinking blood and do witchcraft. they dress in gothic. however, it is not the blood itself that they are feeding on. it is the life-force energy contained within the blood.

blood drinking is arguably the most potent form of feeding on life-force energy, and many sanguinarians can thrive for many weeks from a single feeding. a single feeding is often about an ounce or two of blood taken from a willing donor. sanguinarians often describe blood drinking as a very fulfilling, very powerful and somewhat intoxicating experience. it also tends to be a rather intimate form of feeding. psi (or psy) vampire are vampire that feed psychically on life force energies. psi feeding in any form can be done from an individual most often a willing donor or from the ambient energies of a group or crowd. this is indeed vampire girl and princess fantasy app. we also have hot female vampires ready as live wallpaper for you.

however, psi feeding can also be done from a person without the person realizing that they are being fed from, although many may consider it to be unethical to do so. generally though, the person being fed from is not harmed by the feeding in any way. it should be noted that there is no difference between a psi vampire and a psy vampire, other than the spelling. as for the difference in spellings, the only conclusion i have been able to reach is that psi is an abbreviation of psionic, while psy is an abbreviation of psychic. empathic vampire are vampire who feed on emotional life-force energies from the emotions of people. dracula gif.

there are those that will say that vampires that feed on negative emotional energies (anger, fear, etc.) are negative/chaotic vampires and are a subcategory/specialization of empathic vampires. dont spend one night with werewolf. others will say that negative/chaos vampires are separate from empathic vampires. the reason is that empathic vampires will usually feed on whatever emotions a person is feeling without necessarily causing those emotions. however, often negative/chaos vampires will cause situations where negative emotions and chaotic energies will be stimulated and then feed off of those energies. this creature can morph into vampire bat and living dead. get this vampires live and dark wallpapers now.

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