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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of werewolf wallpaper
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I suppose it’s a bit of a misnomer putting this in “Ways to Become a Werewolf”, since if you aren’t already born this way you can’t do anything about it. Technically, though, it is a valid option, so I guess it stays. werewolves wallpaper. In order to be born with the genetic ability to become a werewolf (known formally as “Genetic Lycanthropy”), both parents have to have the werewolf gene to pass on to their child, though neither parent necessarily has to be a werewolf themselves. For a better understanding of how this works, I’ve prepared a Primer on Werewolf Genetics that will give you a detailed, scientific explanation of how exactly a child can be born a werewolf. Those born with genetic lycanthropy are not werewolves right out of the womb. A human with the genetic structure will not begin the werewolf transformation until sometime in late puberty. werewolves wallpaper. This can be greatly beneficial to the child, as it has a better chance of survival in society in its human form.

A human that was born without genetic lycanthropy isn’t yet out of the werewolf game. There are still two other ways to become a werewolf, the most common being through a werewolf bite. Much like vampires, werewolves carry a bacteria in their bodies that is toxic to humans. It is this bacteria that can cause the human body to be capable of werewolf transformation. werewolves wallpaper. Unlike vampires, werewolves don’t carry a significant amount of this bacteria in their bloodstream. At least not the strains that can infect a human. Werewolves almost exclusively carry the infectious bacteria in their saliva. Thus, when a human is bitten by a werewolf, there is a good chance that the saliva will enter the human’s blood stream where the bacteria can do its work.

Of the three ways to become a werewolf, the curse is by far the most rare. werewolves wallpaper. In fact, we know very little about it other than that it exists. The first werewolf was created by this curse, so we know that the original deity that created the curse has the ability to give it to others. Some later tribal legends suggest that the original werewolf, Matchitehew, was able to bestow this curse onto others, and though it is clear that he did so without biting people, it is not totally clear if he could “cast” the werewolf curse onto them directly.


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