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Witness pictures of lightning bolts live wallpaper on your android screen. download this pictures of lightning bolts live wallpaper for your android phone now. lightning is caused by an electrical discharge of electrons moving very quickly from one place to another. lwp, live wallpaper, these electrons move so quickly that they superheat the air around them causing it to glow. thunderstorms are created by strong rising air currents called updrafts forming cumulonimbus clouds. these updrafts create winds of 50 mph (or more) rising several miles into the air to form cumulonimbus clouds.

storm, warm updrafts and cooler weaker downdrafts create turbulence within thunderclouds resulting in the interaction of tiny water particles and microscopic ice crystals called hydrometeors. the continuous collisions of the water and ice creates large and small particles. the different movement characteristics of these varyingly sized particles in turn creates electrical charges within the cloud. for reasons not yet fully understood storm, by scientists, it is thought that smaller particles acquire a positive charge, while larger particles gain a negative charge. this is indeed turbulent and electric screen app.

sleet storm, movement of air inside the cloud combined with the effects of gravity causes these differently sized water particles to separate. updrafts carry the tiny particles to the top of the cloud and gravity pulls the larger water or ice particles towards the bottom of the cloud. this separation of smaller positively charged particles and the larger negatively charged particles creates an electrical imbalance with an enormous electric potential of millions of volts across the shear storm cloud. retina wallpapers. just as gravity demands water returns to the sea, the laws of physics requires this electrical difference to be neutralised. we also have thunderstorm images ready as live wallpaper for you.

lightning is formed as tremendous currents travel across the air to correct the huge imbalance of negative electrons created within the storm cloud. the real danger to human life and property is when the negative charge in a thunderstorm cloud becomes strong enough to leap to earth in form of cloud to ground lightning. lightning protection systems (lps) help prevent damage to property and structures from these types of lightning strikes. see storm forecast if you plan to go outside. get pictures of lightning bolts and thunderstorm live wall now.

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