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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of moving water wallpapers
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If you read our discussion on the role the oceans play in the water cycle, you know that evaporation from the oceans is the primary way that water returns to the atmosphere from the Earth’s surface. Water returns to the Earth from precipitation falling on the land, where gravity either takes it into the ground as infiltration or it begins running downhill as surface runoff. live wallpapers water flows. But how does much of the water get back into the oceans to keep the water cycle going? A lot of runoff ends up in creeks, streams, and rivers, flowing downhill towards the oceans. Unless the river flows into a closed lake, a rare occurrence, or is diverted for humans’ uses, a common occurrence, they empty into the oceans, thus fulfilling their water-cycle duties.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) uses the term “streamflow” to refer to the amount of water flowing in a river. Although USGS usually uses the term “stream” when discussing flowing water bodies, in these pages we’ll use “rivers” more often, since that is probably what you are more familiar with. Rivers are invaluable to not only people, but to life everywhere. live wallpapers water flows. Not only are rivers a great place for people (and their dogs) to play, but people use river water for drinking-water supplies and irrigation water, to produce electricity, to flush away wastes (hopefully, but not always, treated wastes), to transport merchandise, and to obtain food. Rivers are major aquatic landscapes for all manners of plants and animals. Rivers even help keep the aquifers underground full of water by discharging water downward through their streambeds. And, we’ve already mentioned that the oceans stay full of water because rivers and runoff continually refreshes them.

One word can explain why any river exists on Earth—gravity. live wallpapers water flows. You’ve heard that “water seeks its own level,” but really water is seeking the center of the Earth, just like everything else. In practical terms, water generally seeks to flow to the oceans, which are at sea level. So, no matter where on Earth water is, it tries to flow downhill. With the Earth being a very unlevel place, live wallpapers water flows, water ends up occupying the valleys and depressions in the landscape as rivers and lakes.

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