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Witness river photo live wallpapers on your android screen. download this river photo live wallpaper for your android phone now. a natural stream of freshwater flowing downhill from its source in the mountains to meet an ocean or a lake is known as a river. live wallpaper, lwp, the river water is confined to a channel or a stream bed. the rivers are formed when group of springs and streams known as headwaters having their origin in the mountains flow down to form a large stream or springs.

the stream bed of a river lies between the banks of a river. the large streams are called a river while the smaller ones are called creeks, brooks, rivulets or tributaries. the rivers form the major component of the water cycle. the water in a river is accumulated from precipitation of ground water and also through the release of stored water in natural reservoirs such as glaciers. formation of rivers, every river in this universe has a point of origin and the gravity plays a significant role in the direction of the flow of a river. this is indeed water stream and waves live wallpaper app.

in areas where the climate is humid, the point of origin of the rivers is from springs. the points of origination of rivers are the marshes, lakes, and melting glaciers. one of the sources of water that replenish the rivers is either the melting snow or the rainwater. this process is known as the precipitation. another major source of river water is the rain. when it rains heavily in the hills, the water tranquility trickles down the steep slopes and flows onto a riverbed. we also have river pictures as live wallpaper for you.

initially, the water from the hills flows in an evenly distributed fashion and is called surface run-off. when this water flow travels a certain distance, it begins to flow in parallel rills and also gathers momentum. soon these parallel rills unite to form a stream. as the rills converge with the stream a brook is formed. this brook flows through a valley. the volume of the water in a brook becomes constant when it gains sufficient volume of groundwater. the brook becomes a river when the water level in the brook increases. feel this mood relaxing wallpapers on your phone. get this live wallpapers water flows and liquid live wallpapers now.

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