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We often find female Ninjas in period dramas, comics, animes, movies, and games, who are very lively and sexy. In fictions, they have a excellent motor nerve and fighting ability, which are never inferior to those of male Ninjas. ninja wallpaper hd . Well, how are the real appearance of female Ninjas in the history ? In the first place, did they really exist ? And if so, were they as strong as male Ninjas ? We are going to inspect them.

Download Ninja Girl Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of ninja wallpaper hd. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution ninja wallpaper hd which will best fit your screen. This lwp depict a picture of ninja girls wallpaper, so mysterious and dangerous, wearing a red scarf, her hair swaying.

ninja wallpaper hd . At first in conclusion, there certainly female Ninjas had existed in the Japanese history. Their appearance can be found in the esoteric writing about Ninja called ” Bansen-shukai , written in Edo-period. But there are no records at all which insist female Ninjas were as active as male Ninjas. According to the historical records, Kunoichis did neither fight nor do flashy espionage. ninja girls wallpaper. Their main role is to be maids of their enemies. As they invade their hostile residences legally, from the casual conversations with another maids or servants, they pick up secrets information. Generally speaking, people are not cautious about women. Kunoichis take advantage of it. we also have other female samurai for you as lwp.

And Kunoichis adopted such tactics. ninja wallpaper. After they had worked for their enemies and got credit by the people around them, they demand their masters to bring burden from their parents’home.The burden is packed in a big cage, and the box has dual-bottoms. On the lower bottom, a male Ninja is hiding. In this way, a Ninja can sneak into the hostile castle. wallpaper ninjas. Eventually, maids are given the period to go back their hometown a few times in a year. ninja wallpaper.

Of course, their guarantees are their ninja girl masters. Then, Kunoichis can tell their bosses about informations which they had got in hostile residences. ninja girl live wallpaper. As mentioned before, when the peaceful Edo-period came, almost all ninjas fell into miserable circumstances. Some could barely get the very bottom jobs, the others could not be anything but criminals or beggars. ninja wallpaper. So, how about in the case of kunoichis? It is thought many of them became Geisya.

The kunoichi are recorded as powerful devotees of ninjutsu in the 17th century in a tome called Bansenshukai, a collection ninja training secrets. Kunoichi warriors seemingly predate their documentation in this text—by how long, it is uncertain. Yet one woman, Mochizuki Chiyome, is believed to have successfully created a secret kunoichi cohort in feudal Japan in the 16th century. The consistent belief that women were no more than beautiful arm candy or ignorant wives boded well for the kunoichi, as it allowed them to become close to their targets usually men of the samurai class either to gain information or to kill. While men were always on the lookout for suspicious men, rarely were they on the lookout for suspicious women. Women were far more likely to be able to maintain their disguises than men, as the samurai rarely hired strange men for advice, aid or protection, but they readily took on concubines or pretty mistresses.

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