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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of angel and demon wallpaper
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Demons have been here since the beginning of human history. The same demons that infiltrated the antediluvian civilization in the days of Noah are alive and active today. They have infiltrated every area of life from childhood to adulthood, live angel wallpaper, from play to marriage, from sports to work. They seek to destroy Marriage Culture, and those who fall in love will not escape their grasp.

Satan was the most beautiful, intelligent, and powerful angel before he sinned. His sin was arrogant-ambition. He said, “I will be like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14). He rebelled against God and took a third of the angels with him so great was his power of persuasion. live angel wallpaper. If the angels could not resist him, mankind doesn’t have a chance. Satan is more clever, deceitful, and shrewd than any man or woman in history. Even Adam and ‘Ishah, who were the most perfect human beings ever created, were incapable of resisting his temptation. The Lord Jesus Christ in Hypostatic Union did, however, resist Satan. The Lord Jesus Christ in perfect humanity never wavered when He faced far greater temptation and suffering than any person. live angel wallpaper. He withstood Satan’s attack and broke Satan’s back on the cross so that Christians in the Church Age with the power of God have a defense against Satan.

In the prehistoric Angelic Conflict, Satan and his angels rebelled against God and the Elect Angels. After Satan was found guilty and sentenced to the Lake of Fire, he appealed the decision. The human race was created to resolve the case. There are two types of angels, Elect and Fallen. The Elect Angels rejected Satan and remained under the authority of God. live angel wallpaper. The Fallen Angels followed Satan in his rebellion and were kicked out of Heaven. Satan is the leader of the Fallen Angels, who are also called demons. Satan attacked the first marriage in the Garden and convinced Adam and the woman to sin. He took over rulership of the world from Adam, who was then kicked out of the Garden. The Lord Jesus Christ won the victory over Satan at the cross where He paid for the sins of the world and provided the salvation solution. In His substitutionary spiritual death on the cross the Lord Jesus Christ paid for everyone’s sins from Adam through all of human history.


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