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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of diamond wallpaper
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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We all know that diamonds are expensive, but what exactly is the reason for that? Let’s take a look at what makes these colorless stones so valuable and sought after. First of all, not all diamonds are as valuable and pricey as those you can see in the showrooms of jewelry stores. wallpaper stone. In fact, most stones found in nature have a lot of imperfections and defects, which make the value of such diamonds relatively low. Since most diamonds mined are not fit to be used in jewelry, those that are of good enough quality to be sold in jewelry stores are few and far between.

Because diamonds that are of an acceptable grade are so rare, they command relatively high prices. One of the most important quality characteristics of a diamond is its color. The whiter (or more colorless) a stone, the more valuable it is. wallpaper stone. The high price charged for colorless and nearly colorless diamonds is a result of how hard such stones are to find. Most diamonds mined are actually noticeably yellowish, and only a small percentage of them can be classified as not having any tints. wallpaper stone. Even stones that are of a lower color grade and show only faint yellowish hues are very rare to find. Another important feature of a diamond is how clear it looks. A high-clarity diamond has few, if any, obvious imperfections such as black spots or lines within the stone.

However, such diamonds are very rare, and even the ones that have only a couple of visible flaws are hard to find. Most stones found in nature are fairly to heavily included. If you check the prices for diamonds of different carat weights, you will notice that the bigger the stone, the more expensive it is per carat. This is because bigger diamonds are rarer to find than smaller ones. And big diamonds that are also of high clarity are even rarer, as the larger the stone, the more likely it is to have at least one or more visible flaws. Once raw diamonds are mined, they have to be cut into a certain shape, and then be faceted and polished in order to be prepared for sale. wallpaper stone. This is not an easy task, as for a stone to exhibit maximum brilliance, it needs to have certain proportions that make the diamond capture light as well as possible. These proportions determine the quality of the stone’s cut.

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