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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of pink diamond wallpaper
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If you’ve ever set sights on natural pink diamonds, then you’ve certainly been mesmerized by their magic. live wallpapers pink diamonds. These diamonds evoke a sense of romance and luxury – and for good reason. Their scarcity and stunning beauty make these colored diamonds spectacular additions to any collection. Not to mention, they are highly valuable. In fact, according to The Argyle Diamond Mine, a pink diamond can cost 20 times the price of its white equivalent (as far as can be compared). live wallpapers pink diamonds. It’s no wonder style-conscious icons from Queen Elizabeth II to Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Lopez have been known to wear jewelry with these gems.

Adding to the intrigue and desirability of pink diamonds is the fact that there is limited gemological information about them. As with other colored diamonds, pink diamonds can be graded faint very light, light and fancy. live wallpapers pink diamonds. And like other hues, the stronger the color, the higher the price tag. Pink diamonds often feature secondary hues an additional modifying color. The most common modifying colors are orange, brown and purple. These diamonds would be described in the certificate as orange pink, brown pink and purple pink (not that the main color is the last one mentioned). live wallpapers pink diamonds. And if the modifier color is very weak it would be orangy, brownish or purplish.


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