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Those who are in the color diamond industry know how very rare most colors are, especially if they are pure colors. diamond wallpapers. Nevertheless, many have questions regarding purple diamonds, due to their rarity and unbelievable color. Here are several of the most frequently asked questions regarding Purple diamonds as well as their respective answers. Are there Purple Diamonds? Many people have asked if natural purple diamonds really exist, and interestingly enough the answer is, absolutely! Diamonds are formed from elements that compounded together over millions of years. diamond wallpapers. Most of the time it is straight carbon, but everyone once in a while, different elements find their way in there and cause a fantastic hue of other natural colors.

What Are Purple Diamonds Called? Though additional names that some color diamonds receive, such as Chocolate or Cognac diamonds for Brown diamonds, and Canary diamonds for Yellow diamonds, are the results of terrific branding, diamond wallpapers, there are some names that tend to “stick” to some colors. In the case of Purple diamonds, which are mainly known by their color, they are sometimes called Plum diamonds, Orchid diamonds, Lilac diamonds. Are Purple Diamonds Real? There are Natural Purple Diamonds, and there are enhanced Purple diamonds. The former are “real” and the latter are not, diamond wallpapers, despite the fact that the enhancements are done to natural diamonds. “Real” here refers to the color, and purple color is only “real” in Natural Purple diamonds.


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