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The flag of Mexico is a tricolor featuring three vertical bands of equal size. From left to right, these bands are colored green, white, and red, respectively. In the center of the white band is the national coat of arms, depicting an eagle holding a serpent, among other details. mexican wallpapers. There is no official directive for the meaning of the colors used in the Mexican flag. However, the first use of these colors was by the Army of the Three Guarantees in 1821. The Army was formed by the unification of Spanish troops and Mexican insurgent troops. Different sources claim different interpretations for the colors, two of the most popular being, Green : Hope and Victory; White: Purity of Ideals; Red: The blood shed by the national heroes.

The first national flag of Mexico came in existence in 1821 when the country secured its independence from the rule of Spain. Just two years later when the federal republic was established, mexican wallpapers, changes were made to the coat of arms and incorporated as part of the second national flag. The first flag featured a crown on the head of the eagle, which was now removed. mexican wallpapers. Further, the eagle was now shown holding a serpent in its talons, and oak and laurels branches were added. These have been preserved in the modern-day flag.

Interesting symbolism surrounds the coat of arms used on the Mexican flag. The legend says that when the Aztecs were settling in North America sometime in the 14th century, there were unsure of where to build their central city. It is said that they were instructed by one of their gods to to look for a Mexican eagle sitting on a prickly pear cactus, holding a serpent in its talons. mexican wallpapers. The place where they spotted the eagle is the present-day capital of Mexico, Mexico City, with the imagery taken from this legend used to design the country’s coat of arms. For the symbolism associated with the colors, see the relevant section above.


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