Green Island Ficus is a low maintenance shrub that forms an attractive, manicured look due to its dark green, glossy foliage. Because this evergreen plant tends to grow more horizontally than vertically, Green Island works great as a low compact hedge or a cascading ground cover. It is extremely slow growing compared to other ficus, so constant trimming isn’t required. Green island ficus (Ficus microcarpa ‘green island’) is becoming a very popular plant in our area for many reasons.

It’s extremely versatile in the landscape and can be used as a low border planting, a foundation hedge along a fence or screen enclosure, as an accent plant and even in a container. FNGLA (Florida Nurserymen and Growers Association) recognized it as a Plant of the Year in 2001. The Green Island Ficus works in both a tropical garden and a more formal setting.

This is a wonderful texture plant – deep green glossy leaves look similar to a jade plant, and contrast well with other foliage types and colors. Many people are in South Florida to retire and relax, and others have busy, working lifestyles, so low maintenance shrubs are always high on the wish list. Don’t let the name “ficus” scare you – this variety won’t take over your life or your landscaping. It’s very well-behaved, grows more slowly and is easy to keep small. They can easily be maintained at around 3 feet in height and even lower if desired. This plant will grow in full sun to part shade as well. Tropical in nature, this shrub grows best in Zone 10, and its drought tolerant and salt tolerant. What more could you ask from the small and appealing green island ficus.