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Witness cherry blossom background live wallpaper on your android screen. download this cherry blossom background live wallpaper for your android phone now. the japanese name the flowering cherry sakura. however, to them, sakura is not just a name or just a tree. lwp, live wallpaper, the cherry symbolizes the national character of the japanese. this is because the short life of the cherry blossoms became an allegory for the short life of a feudal samurai, for a samurai could be expected at any time to sacrifice his life for his master. a saying among the japanese is that the cherry is among flowers as the samurai is among men. another fact about the cherries which makes them important to the japanese is that sakura are only native to japan.

sakura are cultivated all over japan beauty, mostly along riverbanks, though there are wild trees still growing in the more remote areas of the country. due to their importance as a symbol of nippon (japan), the cherries have become a large part of the culture of that nation. in the spring nature, during cherry blossom garden time, huge festivals are held as the people go to parties and quieter family picnics along river banks and wherever else the cherries grow. there are even resorts dedicated to this purpose alone. we also have cherry blossom season japan as live wallpaper for you.

businesses have restricted hours and people forget about other concerns during the typically three day interval in which the flowers bloom. the petal falling time which occurs after is very important as well as it symbolizes to the japanese the impermanent nature of things. the petal falling period is in particular very important to the zen shrines around the country where the monks devote time to considering the beauty and still quiet of the falling petals. cherry blossom background.

thus it is quite natural that the cherry blossom has become the national flower of the country. sakura is esteemed as the most beautiful and important of flowers, and when the japanese use the word hana (flower) it means sakura. and hanami (flower viewing) means the viewing of flowering cherries alone. there are many varieties of sakura with blossoms of different tints and different blooming time. in the southern warmer region it blooms earlier than in the northern area. so if one starts viewing sakura flower in the south and moves north one can prolong the cherry viewing time. what a everlasting blossom star and lovely day to be able to see this flower. get this live sakura wallpapers and sakura live wallpaper now.

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