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Sunflower field is an lwp for your phone.
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The sunflower, or Helianthus annuus, is an annual flower that is famous for its extremely large and vividly yellow blooms. These plants are native to North America, sunflower live wallpaper, but they are widely cultivated all over the world today as ornamentals, food plants and for their valuable oil. Many people enjoy growing the flowers, because they are quite easy to cultivate and are a great way to brighten even a small garden.

Download sunflower field from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of sunflower background for you. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution sunflower live wallpaper which will best fit your screen. this lwp depict a picture of sunflowers field with the sun shining above, small dandelion flying around on the field.

A domesticated sunflower can grow to over six feet (two meters) in height, producing one or many composite blooms, known as heads, on a coarse stem with rough, hairy leaves. The “flower” is actually composed of hundreds of tiny florets packed together; only the outermost ones have long petals. dandelion hd wallpaper. When the head is fertilized, the florets on the inside of the head develop into seeds, while the petals along the sides wither and fall off. In addition to the classic yellow, these petals can be white, orange or maroon in color and the seeds may develop in white, black or striped forms.

sunflower wallpaper. The most well known trait of the sunflower is probably its heliotropism. dandelion hd wallpaper. The flowers buds turn to face the sun, but, contrary to common belief, the mature heads do not. The buds face east in the morning and slowly track the sun across the sky. After dark, the heads reorient themselves to face the east again. dandelion hd wallpaper. This tendency is more pronounced in domesticated forms. It is thought that the shaded sides of these fast-growing plants grow more quickly, causing the turning motion through the course of a day.

dandelion hd wallpaper. The plant has a long root system, penetrating down to over six feet (two meters) if conditions are right. This can enable it to exploit sources of water relatively deep in the ground. For this reason, it can often tolerate dry spells, but it is not classed as drought-resistant.

Here comes the sun. The heads of young sunflower plants those with immature flowers follow the sun during the day, then reverse course at night, so they’re ready to face the dawn. But no one knew how much of an advantage the plants were gaining from their daily dance, says Stacey Harmer at the University of California in Davis. To find out, Harmer and her colleagues tethered some plants so they couldn’t move, and rotated the pots of others so they were facing the wrong way in the morning, away from the sunrise. Once sunflowers bloom, their back-and-forth motion ceases, and they typically point toward the rising sun. To see if facing east was beneficial to the mature plants, the researchers rotated some sunflowers so they were facing west, then recorded how many bees and other insects visited the plants.

“You can see the bees going crazy over the east-facing flowers and mostly ignoring the west-facing flowers,” says Harmer. The east-facing plants warmed up more quickly than their west-facing counterparts, which could account for some of the difference, given that warmer flowers have previously been found to attract more pollinators.



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