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Kiss lips is an lwp for your phone.
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Her eyes are wide as they stare into yours. You wrap your arm around her waist and pull her in close. She touches your face and you lean in, tilt your head to the right, of course and your lips connect. live wallpapers kiss. The rushing sensation leaves you little room to wonder, “Why the hell am I doing this anyway?” Of course, the simplest answer is that humans kiss because it just feels good. But there are people for whom this explanation isn’t quite sufficient. lips wallpaper. They formally study the anatomy and evolutionary history of kissing and call themselves philematologists.

Download Kiss Live Wallpaper from our given resolutions. We have the best collection of live wallpapers kiss. live wallpapers kiss. In case you don’t find the perfect resolution, you may download the original size or any higher resolution live wallpapers kiss which will best fit your screen. this lwp depict a picture of lips wallpaper with pink red, a cute lips ready to kiss you. we also have couple kiss drawing ready as lwp for you.

So far, these kiss scientists haven’t conclusively explained how human smooching originated, but they’ve come up with a few theories, and they’ve mapped out how our biology is affected by a passionate lip-lock. A big question is whether kissing is learned or instinctual. Some say it is a learned behavior, dating back to the days of our early human ancestors. Back then, mothers may have chewed food and passed it from their mouths into those of their toothless infants. lips wallpaper. Even after babies cut their teeth, mothers would continue to press their lips against their toddlers’ cheeks to comfort them.

Supporting the idea that kissing is learned rather than instinctual is the fact that not all humans kiss. Certain tribes around the world just don’t make out, anthropologists say. lips wallpaper. While 90 percent of humans actually do kiss, 10 percent have no idea what they’re missing. Others believe kissing is indeed an instinctive behavior, and cite animals’ kissing-like behaviors as proof. While most animals rub noses with each other as a gesture of affection, others like to pucker up just like humans. Bonobos, for example, make up tons of excuses to swap some spit. They do it to make up after fights, lips wallpaper, to comfort each other, to develop social bonds, and sometimes for no clear reason at all just like us.


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