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Most young ballerinas dream of one day becoming a prima ballerina. Although most young dancers will never reach this level, taking ballet lessons throughout childhood, accompanied by the requisite dance recitals, is a formative experience for many other aspects of life. The dream of becoming a famous ballet dancer does not need to be realized in order to love and appreciate the talent, grace, and skill that prima ballerinas around the world exhibit.

“Prima” is a word originated from Latin, which means ‘first’. Think of words like “premier” or “primordial” that also come from this Latin root. Putting the words together then means that ‘prima ballerina’ is a term used to refer to the ‘first’ ballerinas of a company. These ballerinas are the ones who are featured most often, have the most experience, and are the highest up in the company.

Ballet companies are made up in a hierarchical structure. Dance masters, artistic directors, and choreographers form the top of the structure, and the dancers are divided into various levels. When dancers first join the company from a professional ballet school or from a professional audition, they join the corps de ballet–this group is the dancers who dance all as a group during performances. The least experienced corps members will appear least often, and the more experienced members will appear in smaller groups within performances. As dancers develop and start to command the spotlight, they become soloists. Soloists with a lot of experience and exceptional talent go on to become “principal dancers.” The term prima ballerina usually applies to a principal female dancer; some female soloists get awarded the prestigious term prima ballerina as well.

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