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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of nature girl live wallpaper
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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Being a nature girl is not about just eating granola and saving the planet. cute girl picture. Sure, we want to do “good” (lowering our carbon footprint and bike and clothing swap and use cloth bulk bags and yell at Monsanto), but really, we want to explore. We understand that invisible connection (as Muir wrote) about our actions and the state of the world. Yet we want to enjoy our world without a doomsday outlook. cute girl picture. We take pleasure in hiking the hills, kayaking in the coves along the Pacific, swimming in a mountain lake or even biking around our neighborhood.

Just ask, and we’ll take off an adventure with you (once we get the practical matters squared away—yes, nature girls don’t spend all their time looking at butterflies and wandering aimlessly as a cloud!). cute girl picture. Pick flowers. Really? Yes, go ahead pick us a bouquet of wildflowers or one single daffodil. We love nature—bring it into our homes— and we’ll love you even more. Just remember to plant some more flowers or purchase them from a sustainable flower farmer.

That said, we prefer potted plants to flowers wrapped in plastic from 1-800 whatever. Most of us nature girls have an altar. A place where we leave trinkets and treasures of chert and jade that we find on our wanderings or hikes—reminders of our connection with places. cute girl picture. Sure, it may look like an odd collection that needs to be cleaned up, but don’t. You’ll be asking for trouble. Honor our awareness for place.

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