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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of live wallpaper zen garden
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Japanese Zen gardens, also known as “karesansui,” have been used as a form of spiritual contemplation for centuries. zen wallpapers. These gardens typically consist of small pebbles, or sand, with larger rocks. The pebbles represent the sea while the larger rocks or moss represent mountains and islands. Japanese Zen gardens for kids can be a fun way to relax the child’s mind while providing a fun and artistically engaging craft.

Back in the late 14th century, Zen Buddhist priests created their very austere gardens for meditation and appreciation of beauty. zen wallpapers. Those early gardens had no water features rather, the priests created a feeling of water with rocks, even raking them to get a ripple-like appearance. Today there are many interpretations of Zen gardens, with enhancements such as ponds, bridges, lighting and art pieces. But they are still rich in Asian traditions and focus on an intrinsic reverence for nature. zen wallpapers. At first glance, the Zen garden is very simple yet the depth and complexity unfolds the more one studies the space.

Traditionally, Japanese Zen gardens use white pebbles or sand to create designs as the goal of a Zen garden is to promote reflection through minimalist designs. For adults, this may be an effective way to benefit from this type of garden, but children often enjoy brighter, more vivid colors. To create a more visually stunning Zen garden, purchase two to three different colored sand types, which is available at most hobby retail stores. zen wallpapers. Pour equal amounts of the sand into a small box, or use a main color and highlight this color with smaller amounts of different color sand. Position small rocks within the sand and have the child create designs in it with a small rake.


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