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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of landscape wallpaper
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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Though it is a very well known fact to those brought up in the country that a meadow differs greatly from a pasture, yet the townsman treats both alike as fields, and save at haytime rarely distinguishes them. grassland live wallpaper. Even those who are conversant with the country, if not intimate with the methods and practice of farming, are liable to overlook this fact, which is of the greatest importance from the botanical standpoint, as has already been pointed out under other heads.

The essential differences between them should be properly grasped, and then the difference in the flora of each will soon be appreciated. A meadow is subjected to several different changes during the year. grassland live wallpaper. About March the surface is covered with a dressing of soil or manure, and in many cases basic slag is employed. This has a beneficial effect upon grass for a certain time, but it kills off such plants as orchids.

This dressing is evenly strewn over the surface by a brush or chain harrow. The grass is laid between April and June or July. The meadow is then cut after the flowers have all bloomed and seeded, and the Grasses in particular are ripe. grassland live wallpaper. It then assumes a sere aspect till it becomes green again, but all its former diversity vanishes until late in autumn. When the new grass has become strong, often yielding a second crop in good years, it may in October or earlier be turned into pasture for the time being. grassland live wallpaper. The pasture may or may not be a meadow originally. And as a rule meadows are periodically turned into pasture, and pastures are allowed to be laid to grass. But as a matter of fact, apart from this rotation, there is usually another reason for the setting aside of certain fields for pasture, and others for grazing, in addition to the general convenience of position upon a particular farm.

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