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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of spring meadow live wallpaper
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone

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Think of a sea of tall waving feathery grasses. Punctuating this greenish-gold sea are splashes of deep purple and brilliant gold from wildflowers such as thistles, knapweeds, buttercups, hawkbits and even orchids. alpine meadows. Dramatic Burnet moths and butterflies such as Red Admiral and Peacock frequent the abundant flowers. Rustles in the grass betray the presence of voles as a Kestrel hovers overhead. The air is filled with the lazy hum of hoverflies and bees and it is heady with the scent of sun-warmed grass. This is a meadow in high summer.

The meadow is small and is bounded by old hedges, stone walls or woodland. No barbed wire or vast open spaces here. It exists purely as a result of centuries of human agricultural activity. Small numbers of cattle, or sheep graze here at certain times of the year and it will be cut for hay in late summer. Meadows are permanent pastures. Permanent is taken to mean that they have not been ploughed within at least seven years. alpine meadows. Indeed, they may never have been ploughed in living memory. They are therefore relatively undisturbed areas which have had time to develop complex ecosystems.

They are pastures which are grazed at a low intensity and or, used for haymaking. alpine meadows. The grazing of small numbers of cattle or sheep prevents scrub and woodland from growing up, without eliminating the more palatable plant species by overgrazing. Low intensity grazing favours a diversity of plant species. It continually creates more open areas for colonization by different plants and prevents individual plant species from becoming dominant at the expense of others. alpine meadows. Because they are cut for hay, woody plant species such as bramble do not become established. This prevents them from growing up and shading out the grasses and herbs.


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