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Yoga pants are a popular choice of casual dress. You can choose from a variety of styles, cuts, and patterns all based on where you want to wear them. Deciding exactly which pair to purchase can be a chore if you are unfamiliar with yoga pants. It is a good idea to know your purpose in wearing them before choosing a pair. Once you know where you will be wearing them, then you will be able to properly evaluate your selection and find the perfect pair of yoga pants. Determine the general style you prefer. Yoga pants come in a variety of general styles. Within those styles, you can find variations. Capris pants, for example, generally have a shorter leg. Drawstring typically use a string, rather than elastic, to secure the waist. Pick a general style to start with and begin evaluating the aspects you like and dislike.

Decide on the length you want. Length is a matter of both comfort and function. Yoga pants generally come in two lengths, full length or capris. Capris pants end at your calf muscle. Full-length stop at your ankle. Full-length pants that are tight may bunch at the ankle if only a little too long. Capris pants typically do not bunch but may be too tight on your thigh if not stretchy enough. Choose your type of stretch. Yoga pants are popular for use during yoga and other activities because of their comfort. This comfort is created when the fabric used incorporates stretchy threads or knits. Most fabrics have a natural 2-way stretch. Pants with a 4-way stretch will be more comfortable. However, if you prefer baggy or loose fitting yoga pants, a 2-ways stretch may work just fine.

The more you wear your yoga pants, the more comfortable you’ll feel in them. So if you start out self-conscious, don’t just ditch them, because chances are they’ll grow on you after a couple of weeks. Avoid wearing yoga pants to important or formal events. They’re fine for weekends at home and the occasional lazy school day, but if you’re going to a wedding, a business meeting, or even a first date you should leave the yoga pants at home.

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