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There are millions of gun owners in the world, and a wide array of reasons why they have chosen to own firearms. Before you consider buying a gun, take a look at your reasons for doing so or examine the reasons below, and decide if gun ownership is right for you. live gun wallpapers. For some of us, several reasons may apply, and it can be hard to quantify our various reasons for owning guns.

Because It’s Cool, This is a fairly weak reason in comparison to others, but I don’t think it can be ignored. This may be one of the most overlooked factors in gun ownership. Someone goes shooting with a friend, loves it, and soon becomes a gun owner himself (or herself). live gun wallpapers. No problem there everyone has to start someplace. On the bad side of this equation would be those who want a gun simply because they think it will make them cool, or powerful.

This is fallacy, and can be extremely dangerous. live gun wallpapers. Don’t buy a gun to try to make yourself feel big. it won’t work and when you get to showing off in an attempt to inflate your flaccid ego, things could turn deadly in a half a heartbeat. Forget about it! Buy a trendy car if you just want to look cool. Then buy a gun if you want to defend yourself against car thieves.

Hunting is a fine reason to own a gun or several guns. live gun wallpapers. Different game calls for different firearms, so there’s good reason to own a number of shootin’ irons if you hunt both big and small game. Owning guns only for the purpose of hunting is pretty common here in the USA though many hunters, through exposure to and experience with firearms, become comfortable with them and often wish to own guns for other purposes as well.

The tragedy at the heart of the gun control debate is that any firearm that can be used for good can also be used for evil. There are not good guns and bad guns. There are just guns, used by good and bad people. Any firearm that is effective for legitimate uses like hunting and self-defense will also be effective when used for evil purposes. Nor can guns always be kept out of the wrong hands, for we cannot always know who will do evil, and those known to be hellbent on doing harm to others will often circumvent restrictions.

Thus, the only realistic way to prevent mass shootings and end gun violence would be a total gun ban, ruthlessly enforced. Unfortunately, gun control advocates’ rhetoric is deliberately crafted to obscure this uncomfortable reality. Knowing that Americans do not want to give up their right to keep and bear arms, many gun control supporters peddle a soothing lie wrapped in panic. we also have other weapon wallpaper for your lwp.

As the Washington Post’s editors put it, “Gun violence is a national emergency and a public-health crisis a crisis that could be ameliorated, without depriving anyone of their constitutional rights.” Those in favor of ever-more gun control often try to walk this rhetorical tightrope. In order to rally support, they need to suggest that they have a real solution to gun violence especially highly publicized mass murders but they also need to reassure moderates and gun owners who do not want their guns to be taken away.

Anti-gun activists want the moral clarity and passion of a crusade against evil (“Enough is enough!”), but they also need to insist that their proposals are sensible reforms that will not infringe on our rights. This rhetorical two-step reveals the bad faith of the guns wallpaper live control movement. Their supposedly limited “common sense” policies would not end gun violence or stop mass shootings; they would not even do much to ameliorate them. The “assault weapons” ban the Washington Post proposes might reduce the body counts of some mass shootings maybe.

The actual policy results (possible minor reductions in gun violence) are at odds with guns wallpaper live control supporters’ fervid, moralistic rhetoric and grandiose claims. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk. As in not yell at one another, take sides, dig in our heels, or any of the other things that seem to happen every time this subject comes up. Let’s be frank. We have an epidemic of violence in this country, and guns play a big part.

It is not acceptable, and something needs to be done about it. I know the arguments against guns wallpaper live control cities with strict gun laws actually have more crime, and anyway, the Second Amendment of the US Constitution gives us the “right to bear arms.” But again, what good are those arguments doing to move us toward a more peaceful country or, for that matter, world? If you asked for my personal solution, I would answer, “Get rid of them completely.” But I’m also a realist. I understand that will not happen.

There are too many exceptions police, military, etc. to make that a reality. But surely we can do better than what we recently witnessed in Congress, when a minority of senators voted down two bipartisan bills that would have expanded background checks on firearm sales and banned some semiautomatic firearms modeled after military assault weapons. (Can someone please tell me why the average person in the community where my family lives—or any US community for that matter—would need a semiautomatic firearm modeled after a military assault weapon?) We need to do something besides drawing our line in the sand and daring other people to cross it. Two senators tried to make that happen.

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