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Tornado violent, funnel like storms of strong winds that usually form during thunderstorms present danger to anyone nearby. These “twisters” can demolish anything in their path, including homes, people, and then cars, also trees, not to mention animals, and even entire communities. tornado wallpaper . Sometimes lightweight mobile homes are flipped over. tornado wallpaper . A strong tornado that swept into Xenia, Ohio, on April 3, 1974, leveled a farmhouse and broke everything inside, leaving only three fragile items totally intact: a mirror, a case of eggs, and a box of Christmas ornaments! Occasionally, tornadoes do other strange things—like lifting a 386-ton railway train off its tracks and dropping it 16 feet (5 meters) away!In the United States, an average of 1,000 tornadoes spin up beneath thunderstorms each year.

A downward flow of cold air from clouds meets a rising flow of warm air from the ground; if atmospheric conditions are just right, a tornado starts. They occur mainly in a 10-state area known as Tornado Alley, stretching from Texas to Nebraska that also includes Colorado, Iowa, and Arkansas. tornado wallpaper . Most weak tornadoes last less than 10 minutes and travel short distances. Powerful tornadoes have been known to last for hours and a few have traveled more than 100 miles (161 kilometers).

tornado wallpaper are associated with large (supercell) thunderstorms that often grow to over 40,000 feet. A column of warm humid air will begin to rise very quickly. Air Rotates Because of Wind Shear. How the column of air begins to rotate is not completely understood by scientists, but one way the rotation appears to happen is when winds at two different altitudes blow at two different speeds creating wind shear. For example, a wind at 1000 feet above the surface might blow at 5mph and a wind at 5000 feet might blow at 25mph. This causes a horizontal rotating column of air. Faster Spin Makes a Funnel Cloud. If this column gets caught in a supercell updraft, the updraft tightens the spin and it speeds up (much like a skater’s spins faster when arms are pulled close to the body. A funnel cloud is created. The Funnel Rotates and Touches Down. The rain and hail in the thunderstorm cause the funnel to touch down creating a tornado.


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