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feel and watch the unique scenery of famous chinese paintings on your android screen. chinese mountain valley is a scenery live wallpaper featuring a retina wallpapers of beautiful and calming scenery of old chinese mountain valley painting, with its animated waterfall and mist. get mountain backgrounds and mountains wallpapers now. perfect to calm your mind. china stretches across a vast area covering many mountains, some of which are unspeakably spectacular while others are filled with rich cultural associations.

every year many climbers and adventurers from all over the world come to visit china’s magnificent mountains. here are few famous mountains in china, constituting one of china’s most famous and beautiful fantasy mountain ranges, the mesmerizing yellow mountains are known for their spectacular natural scenery, peculiarly-shaped granite peaks, pine trees, and views of sunset and clouds from above. in 1990, the mountain range was listed as a unesco world heritage site. the many oddly-shaped rocks are famous for their strange appearance. some look like human beings, while others resemble monkeys, tigers or birds. some individual rocks look quite different depending on the angle from which you look.

located in the east of china, mount lu is renowned for its combination of clouds, surreal cliffs and waterfalls. its rich cultural connotations make the funny mountain more charming. throughout history, mount lu has attracted many poets, leaving a legacy of praise and over 4,000 poems. in 1996, the snow mountain was added to the list of unesco world heritage sites. this is nature wallpaper. mountains and water play prominent roles in chinese art. over the centuries, western painters have boldly explored new themes and media, continuously striving to transcend the familiar and challenge the unknown, while their chinese counterparts have relished the creation of timeless natural sceneries.

famous chinese paintings scrolls feature towering mountain peaks and torrential waterfalls, slopes receding far into the distance and gently rolling streams. no classical chinese garden would be complete without mountains and water. in the creation of rock landscapes (landscape penjing), miniature vistas arranged on a tray, both elements are equally vital. to some extent, china’s geography offers an explanation. mountainous terrain makes up most of the country, water is abundant in the central and southern regions, and three of the world’s greatest streams, the yellow river, the yangtze and the west river, define much of the land. her natural environment has shaped china’s serenity culture and traditions and molded the minds of her people.

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