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Is there anything in this world that brings an instant feeling of elation quite like glitter does, Some people enjoy the laughter of a newborn baby or a puppy falling on its feet or whatever, sparkle wallpapers, but glitter is the universal symbol for awesomeness and parties and fun. And so it is that girls in particular just love glitter. I generalize because it’s true. Boys like glitter when they’re little. sparkle wallpapers. We all do as we sit at our communal tables in preschool and draw trees and faces and monsters in glue on construction paper, which we then douse with glitter and bring home to our parents like a treasure. Then someone is all, Glitter is for girls! So boys get rid of it aside to go play in mud and we don’t even care ’cause we’re all, More glitter for us, Why is it that teeny-tiny pieces of shiny paper can be the thing that lifts us up to a higher level of sparkle-consciousness?

I don’t even know what glitter is actually made of, but does it matter? I just assume it’s, like, tiny pieces of stars crushed and bottled for our enjoyment. Growing up, I put a lot of effort into rejecting stereotypically girly things (OK, mostly I was just really against the color pink), but even in my opinion, glitter never offended me. sparkle wallpapers. I had blue glitter sunglasses that were my signature until my face outgrew them. Then there was my first electric guitar, with number that found itself covered in multiple coats of silver nail polish within two weeks of coming home with me. (How else would it be obvious that it was mine?) I named her Stella as in stellar as in stars as in glitter.

That very same polish was later used to coat a pair of spectator shoes that I purchased in the midst of a Gwen St phase. I bet you didn’t even know a tiny bottle of nail polish can go that far, but yes, it can. Whether you wear it in your hair or on your face, glitter is infallible. It’s not just something that you douse yourself in before every major (and minor) event in your life. No, it’s also a substance that brings us all together. sparkle wallpapers. When I told my new roommate, Amy, that I would be writing about glitter, she excitedly showed me her experiment with glitter and fabric glue, which was basically a rectangle of fabric packed so tight with sparkling pieces that I almost had a heart attack because I suddenly wanted everything I owned to look like that.

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