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Witness leopard glitter background live wallpaper on your android screen. download this leopard glitter background live wallpaper for your android phone now. have you ever found yourself asking the question, lwp, what is the difference between leopard print and cheetah print, well, join the crowd. as a app live wallpaper maker i am always attempting to describe what celebrities are wearing, and i can still recall the first few times i had to tackle someone wearing the spotted fur of a big cat and asking myself, is that leopard print or cheetah print.

since that time i’ve learned the difference, but the subject came up during a discussion with a friend last night when a lady walked by in a cheetah print coat and my friend mistakenly referred to it as leopard print. after i explained the difference she said, i’ve always wondered about that. you should do a post about it so, here we are. the difference between cheetah print and leopard print is really quite simple. cheetah pelts have simple dark spots while leopard pelts have more complicated, two-toned spots.

usually, when you see cheetah print it is pretty close to what you see above. leopard print, on the other hand, can vary in numerous ways. sometimes the second color can be amplified, or muted, or deleted altogether. the important thing to remember is that the spots aren’t just spots (like the cheetah) but horeshoe-like dark blotches with a light spot in the middle. leopard print is also more likely to show up in all sorts of different colors. but, most often, leopard and cheetah print photo fabric and furs are made to match their origins in nature. retina wallpapers. obviously there can be many distorted variations that are neither leopard nor cheetah prints, but now you know the basic characteristics of each.

it should also be noted that there are some rare species of leopards with different marking like snow leopards and clouded leopards. The animal print or animal skins phenomena is a somewhat amusing yet increasingly popular psychosocial fashion boom whereby (mostly female) members of our species adorn themselves and the objects around them with jungle animal patterns ranging from leopard slots, cheetah, tiger and jaguar, through to snake, zebra and even giraffe. get this gold leopard wallpaper and art prints now.

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