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Jesus son of God one with God Jesus made of God’s love, made to love, wallpaper of jesus christ, Love made to touch and enter your hearts and souls and to you. The Passion of Jesus during the crucifixion proved his Love for God. Jesus Love for you is the result of his oneness with God – being one in God having his eternal Home in God. Follow Jesus teachings and you will return home to God father on the most gentle and most direct path of love possible!

Jesus has appeared many times on this planet during the course of the past thousands of years. wallpaper of jesus christ. In different bodies, in different countries or cultures, with different names and faces. wallpaper of jesus christ always reincarnated in times and at places of greatest distress. No country nor any religion “owns” Jesus. Jesus always was here for all and shall always be there for all. Jesus also was and is here for you, to love you, to help you, to guide you home, to you with love! Jesus is there for all those who know him as well as for all those who never heard about him.

Jesus as the son of God has no religion and loves all without any discrimination at all. wallpaper of jesus christ is the shepherd of all, bringing all home to God on his path of love. Jesus is the teacher of love for all mankind, all plants of animals – for all creation and for all eternity as long as loved and blessed by his father. No country, no religion, no culture has a right to claim Jesus as “own” because Jesus love includes all, from youngest baby till death and beyond of any living being. To receive Jesus love or help, there is NO need to change religion or dress in a particular way. Just love all and accept Jesus guidance and teachings of love to return home.



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