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Nandi is the vehicle for the Hindu god of Shiva. lord shiva wallpapers. In Hindu mythology, Nandi is the bearer of truth and righteousness. Each Hindu god has their own vahana (the Sanskrit root word for the English term of Wagon) that they use in war or in peacetime. These vehicles typically tend to be endangered species which Hindus want to protect from getting slaughtered. The animals also stand for specific qualities that are consistent with the deity’s image & functions.

For instance, the vahana of Vishnu is Garuda (eagle) as he is the protector god and agility is very important for Him. The goddess of Durga uses Simha (Lion) as the vahana since she is a female general who fights fierce wars. lord shiva wallpapers. The goddess for knowledge Saraswati uses Hansa (swan) as she is eternally calm & the white swan indicates purity & beauty the fundamental properties of knowledge.

Now, coming back to the Nandi (bull), it is the vahana of Shiva the god of skies & destruction. Shiva with Nandi is one of the oldest forms of Hindu representation – dating before 3000 BC. It is believed that this form originated when people were mostly cattle rearing and wanted a god to protect their cattle their most important property. Bull was also used as god forms in other ancient civilizations (notably the Apis of Egypt and Marduk of Mesopotamia). lord shiva wallpapers. Nandi signifies strength, load bearing capacity and virility. lord shiva wallpapers. Given that Shiva didn’t have to fight fierce battles or travel quickly between the worlds


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