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In the Vedic literature Lord Krishna is described as the ultimate source of all knowledge; hindu god wallpapers. hence, He is also the most reliable source of knowledge and the greatest well wisher of all the living entities.The whole guru parampara (the disciplic succession) begins from Him. hindu god wallpapers. There are many incarnations of Lord Krishna. Each one is scheduled and forecast within the Vedas themselves, and manifest within this material world in order to teach by example the path to spiritual emancipation.

Lord Krishna or Shri Krishna is most often worshipped in the forms of: Bal Krishna (An infant), Gopala (A mischievous young boy), Vasudeva (A human-being evolved to the stage of God-hood), Yogeshwar (One who has realized the Ultimate Self). hindu god wallpapers. Describing the different forms Lord Krishna is worshipped in, Param Pujya Dadashri said, “Some have labeled Him ‘The One with a flute’; some call Him ‘The One with Gopis.’ But Lord Krishna cannot be fully understood that way. hindu god wallpapers. Beyond the above-mentioned forms, Param Pujya Dadashri explained that Lord Krishna was a manifested God living in continuous awareness and an exalted Self-realized stage; He was a Vasudeva Narayan, a Yogeshwar, and one of the 64 Shalaka Purusha (one with super-human abilities and achievements).

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