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this application is a live wallpaper of mars wallpapers

set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone. downloads mars wallpapers from our store page. we have the best collection of planets live wallpaper . you can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection for your smart phone so, check the breathtaking image for your smartphone background, and you will fall in love with your mobile phone again because of planets live wallpaper . enjoy stars and planets wallpaper. this app contain hd space backgrounds and space live wallpaper.

chinese astronomers call mars the fire star while ancient egyptian priests called it her desher meaning the red one. get this asteroid dust now. this is thought to be because of the blood-red color of the planet which was also used by other ancient cultures. mars is the fourth planet from the sun and last of the terrestrial planets. in addition to its official name, mars is sometimes called the red planet because of the brownish red color of its surface. like the rest of the planets in the solar system except earth, mars is named after a mythological figure the roman god of war. it was known to the ancient greeks as ares, their god of war. mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system behind mercury. mars is the fourth planet from the sun and last of the terrestrial planets and moons and is around 227,940,000 km from the sun.

the study of this material has allowed scientists to discover more about planet mars before launching space missions. mars atlas was once believed to be home to intelligent life. it is believed that trace amounts of the martian atmosphere were within meteorites that the planet ejected. pieces of mars have been found on earth. these meteorites then orbited the solar system for millions of years among the other objects and solar debris before eventually entering the earth’s atmosphere and crashing to the ground.


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