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A fjord is a long, narrow waterway that’s surrounded by steep cliffs on each side. Fjords were carved out of valleys long, long ago by glaciers. When glaciers covered the Earth, they would often cut long, U-shaped valleys out of the bedrock in certain areas. landscape wallpaper. As the glacier moved through these areas, glacial melting would eventually occur, leaving a long, narrow waterway in its path. Because of the steep cutting action of the glaciers, most fjords are deeper than nearby seas. For example, Sognefjord a fjord in Norway plunges over 4,000 feet below sea level. landscape wallpaper. As glaciers formed fjords, they would often leave deposits behind that would create a rise at the mouth of the fjord. This rise can cause some fjords to have very strong currents or even saltwater rapids.

From beautiful forests and deep fjords to snow-capped mountains and cold, arctic tundras, Norway has everything for people who love the outdoors. landscape wallpaper. They recently made their money beautiful, so it makes perfect sense that the rest of their country is beautiful as well. Norway is a geographical rarity because its length from north to south gives it one of the greatest varieties of environments in a single country in Europe from deciduous forests to arctic tundras. It should be a far colder and icier country than it is, but its temperatures are somewhat regulated by the relatively warm North Atlantic and Norwegian currents. Nonetheless, its coasts are slashed by fjords that were carved by massive glaciers and ice sheets during the last ice age, giving its rugged northern coasts even more majestic charm.

Fjords are some of the most dramatic landscape features on earth, and the origin and processes related to this feature have been discussed for almost a hundred years. This debate has mainly focused on the classic fjords and fjord lakes in Norway and Canada. landscape wallpaper. Most authors agree that there has been a clear glacial-erosive influence on the fjords, but the importance of glacial activity relative to such other processes as tectonism and fluvial erosion has not been clear. To explain how a fjord is formed, we use Sognefjord as an example.


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