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This is a live wallpaper final fantasy 9 characters.
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Vivi Ornitier, occasionally stylized as VIVI, or with the surname Orunitia, is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. He is a black mage, differentiated from humans by having a black aura surrounding his visible outer skin, glowing yellow eyes, and the ability to cast magic.

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final fantasy ix wallpaper. Vivi appears at first to be gullible, clumsy, and shy, often stumbling over his speech lacking self-confidence. He is fearful of his powers, origins, and his own lifespan. Over time, he gains bravery and confidence, as well as a sense of right and wrong. Vivi befriends Zidane, who acts like an older brother to him, and resolves to use his magic to protect his new friends.

Vivi’s as final fantasy 9 characters special abilities are Focus and Blk Mag. Blk Mag grants him access to a wide variety of offensive spells, most dealing elemental damage or negative status effects. Focus improves his Magic stat for the duration of the fight, and can be stacked, allowing him to cast more powerful spells. Vivi’s Trance changes his Blk Mag to Dbl Blk, allowing him to cast two spells at once. Vivi equips mage equipment. When in a party with Steiner, he can grant Steiner access to his learned spells as Swd Mag spells, amplifying Steiner’s damage and adding an elemental effect if desired.

Vivi as final fantasy 9 characters has a completely black face and large yellow eyes. He wears a large tan pointy hat, a blue jacket, green and white stripy trousers, red and white gloves, and brown boots. In Trance, Vivi’s clothes are replaced by a full-length white robe, gloves, and an appropriately-sized hat that stands at a point. The straps crossing over his chest are replaced by a stylized design down the middle of his robe including a wing-like design on his chest. The black shadow under his hat gives off a dark bluish hue while his eyes are stark white instead of yellow.

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