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This application is a live wallpaper or screensaver of free live snowflake wallpaper.
Set the app as live wallpaper to decorate your phone.

Downloads live snowflake wallpaper from our store page. We have the best collection of live snowflake wallpaper. You can also download other live wallpaper in case you don’t find this lwp suitable for you, we had a vast lwp collection.

Winter snowfall can go from beautiful to deadly in a matter of hours. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or camping in the wilderness, it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe until the sun comes out again. Read on to learn how to survive a winter storm and get prepared for the next one that hits. winter hd wallpaper. Staying Safe if You’re Caught Outside, Stay inside your car or tent. When the snow starts piling up and it becomes clear that you’re stuck on the road or your campsite, your best bet is to stay there. Venturing out in the snow increases the mortality rate in this type of situation, since visibility is usually close to zero and the temperature and wind are unpredictable its not worth the risk. winter hd wallpaper. Hunker down and plan to wait out the storm.

Keep warm and dry. Keep the windows rolled up or the tent flap closed while you’re inside. Wrap your coat, blanket, tarp, or any other type of material you have with you around your body to stay warm and to prevent frostbite. free live snowflake wallpaper. . If you’re with another person, use each other’s body heat, too. Stay hydrated. This is a very important way to keep your body healthy while you’re trapped. If you don’t have a water supply, stay hydrated by melting snow and drinking it. Put some in a container and melt it using the fire you built or your car’s heater.

Determine what to do when the blizzard is over. When the snow stops falling and the sun comes back out, your physical state will help you determine what comes next. You may be able to dig your way out of your car or tent or walk away. winter hd wallpaper. If that seems impossible, wait for help to arrive. Stay indoors as much as possible. In blizzard or white-out conditions, visibility can be very limited, even during daylight. Snowdrifts can hide familiar landmarks. Becoming lost and unable to return to shelter is a real possibility.

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